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Open Up Gaming!

When I talk about Gaming, I refer to Computer Gaming. I define Gaming as the process from conceptualizing the game, to designing it, implementing it, testing it and releasing it to a community, which makes further modifications (Mods) and makes it even more popular.

The problem is, with people's needs for employment, money and popularity, game developers have forgotten the fact that a game is about having fun, rather about licensing, legal documents thrown around and finally, restricting the user's choice on what he can play it on.

Let us look at the current bitchin' (real bitches) issues in gaming:

1. Halo3 is developed exclusively for the XBox 360. To increase the sales of the 360.
2. DirectX 10 is exclusively Windows Vista only. So Microsoft could put 'Windows just got better (again!)' and increase Vista sales. Sites like this advertise that by moving to Vista, they can get better quality graphics. This is a lie, and Microsoft did not backport DX10 to XP/2000 not be…

The meaning of Life rev2

Just a few days ago, there was this article on parallel universes. Let me now explain why I think we are all numbers.

You will understand this article if you are aware of how they are represented using the binary notation. If you're not the mathematical kind, just try to follow the non-geeky explanation.

It also might give you an idea why I think the inverse of infinity is not zero, but a number which doesn't exist, called the no-number.

First, there was no-number. And then it splits into the alternative, the number.

Then were two numbers: 0 and 1. 0 represented non-existence, 1 represented life.

When we say that non-existence is there, I'm saying it doesn't exist, but things do go on in there, but they'll never be like us because they don't exist.

I believe the next division occurred when God was there and life existed, and wasn't. Again, 0 and 1.
Now we have three numbers:

1 <- Life
01 <- Life without God
11 <- Life with God

Now, it basically goes on, addi…

In Loving Memory

I met him during that fateful trip to Techkriti 2004. We spent a lot of time together since then.

He taught me how to use scp. How much I remember him. In my last semester, I was graduating. Then in my first semester, he was graduating. We couldn't talk much then. Now we can't, if we tried. How ironic life is.

As I write this down, I cherish the memories we shared, the moments we had. Kapil, I'll miss you very much. Rest in peace.

Shine on, you crazy diamond.

In loving memory of Kapil Jamkar, 06-05-1984 - 19-03-2007.

Life just got a li'l harder

After dusting off the cobwebs off this blog, I write today. (Why do I feel like using the word: sabbatical?)

I just feel that life keeps getting harder for people as they grow older. Especially because of the learning factor.

Now, I start with my theory:

People usually learn a lot of stuff when they are young. It's like their brains are formatted and you've got all of your hard disk to use. It's like you can keep putting data in forever. The catch is, you can't archive your old data into tapes nor remove them. And you've got to put up with bad inode information as well. And plain old stupid data. :|

Example: I still remember something about Oxygen and symmetric sigma orbitals outside of pi orbitals in a valency diagram.

But as you keep stuffing things into it down the years, it eventually becomes full. So you try harder and harder to squeeze in more data, as your environment changes; People expect you to upgrade yours OS files once in a while. Or at least get the …