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Computing Freedom

DRM . Digital Rights Management. The one word that's meant to protect the rights of the publisher, at the cost of the consumer. It is a scheme that employs cryptographic measures to prevent people from copying/distributing media content, especially music. What DRM can do for you: You'll be asked to Pay-per-use of music, video, software that you already bought. Allows the content producer to disable your rights to the published content through hardware measures, including permanent hardware disability, any time they wish to. Which means the music you bought , or the DVD your purhased may not be usable tomorrow, whenever the producer decides to do so. Discourages indie content publishers from making content, because of the royalty involved. Which means sending people the video you shot or the music you composed or the software you wrote could cost you a fortune . Curbing the freedom of the consumer, and milking him, by pushing him to pay a lot of money for a commercial serv