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The Lazy Life ...

... a.k.a. I'm Lovin' It ! My typical day begins at 10 AM. I wake up, and mom makes the bestestestest filter coffee ! Then bath, then eat (mmm.. BURP!). Then TV+siesta! Then go out. Then come back, eat dinner (uff.. mommah, i'm becomin' a baloon!) TV+Sleep. What a busy schedule! When it comes to food, I never complain at home. My mom's been an ACE COOK , and have never stopped relishing her food. I am eternally thankful to the almighty for the same. Mention TV and think CAS . CAS is the root of all evil. FTA channels are ohhkayy, but I'm missing out on all those nice movies and soaps thanks to CAS. Have started tuning to VH1 ... It's cool, plays some wonderful music. and no CRAP ! So, there was this show called The Fabulous Life of the Hilton Sisters .. I was all like: "Wow! These two are this spoilt that they decided to make a whole series out of it!" but then, some time later, after watchin J-Lo's fabulous life, I decided that the Hilton si

King Size Life

Last weekend was AWESOME !! This Saturday, myself and Sandeep went to Adlabs IMAX , the only IMAX Dome theater in India. There are only three IMAX theatres in India, the other two being in Hyderabad and Ahmedabad respectively (both are flat IMAX 3D theatres). There, in the gaming arcade, we zipped on a nice bouncy ride in Thrillarium , in a short film called "Mazy Mine". Then we got to play a real game of Pong , and we tied at 6 each. Then after a quick bite, we went to see Robots . First, we were overwhelmed by the IMAX (Think big) experience. IMAX supposedly features a projection system that's very powerful that it can use the moon as a screen, and a sound system that delivers a whopping 12KW of power output; Cool! We were greated by an intro IMAX movie of A. R. Rahman's Maa, Tujhe Salaam ... it filled us with an immense sense of national pride to see our tricolor on the magnificent dome screen. Second, we loved the movie. The story features a young robot nam