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Act Right Now. Or It's Goodbye.

Right now we have an Ebola Pandemic that is exploding and doubling its victims every month. At this rate, everyone will be dead by 2016. Unless we contain it.

Spread of Ebola

Why? There were ~2000 victims a month back. Now there are ~6000. It is estimated that there will be about 20000 victims by November, and about a million people by January. There is no easy cure for Ebola.

What is Ebola?

Ebola is a viral disease, like the common cold. Except it's fatal.
It lives within the infected person to multiply, and spread. It multiplies within the infected person and kills the infected person. The infected person bleeds out and dies.

Ebola is spread through contact with the infected person's body fluids - Blood, Slot, Sweat, Semen, Saliva or anything that has traces of the person's infected DNA.

How did it all Start?

It is believed that the virus spread from people eating an animal which carried the virus. Although we cannot be sure, it could have been a fruit bat. Fruit bats can carry Ebola, but are immune to Ebola. They would be the healthiest animals killed and eaten.

Fruit Bat Meat

Except, It could be any animal. Because an Ebola Infection takes 14-21 days to show effects. Healthy looking carriers might be guilty of having Ebola, unless their blood is studied for Ebola infection.

Is there a Cure?

The good news is that there is an experimental medicine - a TKM-Ebola drug manufactured by Tekmira Pharmaceuticals, Canada. It has known to cure Dr. Richard Sacra in a Nebraska hospital recently.

Dr. Richard Sacra

He also received a blood transfusion from an Ebola survivor.

These two methods are the presently known ways to treat Ebola.

The bad news is that people are not taking Ebola seriously. There is a shortage of drugs and doctors in the pandemic stricken countries of Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea. There is also a shortage of food and essential supplies to survive the outbreak.

Did you know that there is a dire crisis in transporting food and medicines into the countries? And in getting Doctors to go there?

What can I Do?

Spread the word. Make your friends aware of this horrible disease.

Support the cause. In every possible way you can, including volunteering and donations.

Be Brave. This is our moment of truth. We should put aside our fears, our differences and contain this outbreak, before it is too late.


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