October 17, 2007

The meaning of Life rev2

Just a few days ago, there was this article on parallel universes. Let me now explain why I think we are all numbers.

You will understand this article if you are aware of how they are represented using the binary notation. If you're not the mathematical kind, just try to follow the non-geeky explanation.

It also might give you an idea why I think the inverse of infinity is not zero, but a number which doesn't exist, called the no-number.

First, there was no-number. And then it splits into the alternative, the number.

Then were two numbers: 0 and 1. 0 represented non-existence, 1 represented life.

When we say that non-existence is there, I'm saying it doesn't exist, but things do go on in there, but they'll never be like us because they don't exist.

I believe the next division occurred when God was there and life existed, and wasn't. Again, 0 and 1.
Now we have three numbers:

1 <- Life
01 <- Life without God
11 <- Life with God

Now, it basically goes on, adding 0s and 1s to the left hand side of this number when or not an event occurred.

How do we represent numbers which have three states? (And not two or four)?

if (-)
else if(--)

The answer is, split the three states as this:

else {

i.e. 0, 1.

add 1 or 0 to the left of this 0, and we get:


the 11 is not taken, we shall ignore this. but doesn't this contradict that there must be exactly
3 possible states? Which means all things always happen or don't happen. There's nothing which never can happen (11).

So, constructing our life as a number leads us to this:

Our universe exists, where we realize its existence and where we apply this theory of existence to it, and I exist, I blog, and you exist and you're reading this.

Therefore, this leads us to construct various universes where many things don't happen/happen, and in the non-existent plane as well.

Of course, there could be a particular order in which the divisions occurred, but it is possible to construct more views of universes by simply changing the order of these divisions.

Infinity is the number of universes that exist, and the no-number is what makes it possible, and not zero. When it itself split into a number and no-number, came the large number of universes. The number became infinity. If there were not enough numbers at all, 0/1 would be the theoretical equivalent of infinity, which isn't really a no-number.

Ever thought of what numbers are? They are empty, different states theoretically possible just like we are.

Some implications (non geeky part):

  1. Either you read this, or you don't, but not here.

  2. If you're poor here, maybe you're wealthier elsewhere.

  3. You exist here, and you don't elsewhere.

  4. You're forking the universe into many different states when you toss a coin (and if it lands on heads or tails, or on none, or lands on both.)

  5. You think I am crazy here, and you don't elsewhere.

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Crescent said...

Very intellectual post Karthik. Could follow the analogy.
Made a good reading.
Keep blogging.