March 20, 2007

In Loving Memory

I met him during that fateful trip to Techkriti 2004. We spent a lot of time together since then.


He taught me how to use scp. How much I remember him. In my last semester, I was graduating. Then in my first semester, he was graduating. We couldn't talk much then. Now we can't, if we tried. How ironic life is.


As I write this down, I cherish the memories we shared, the moments we had. Kapil, I'll miss you very much. Rest in peace.


Shine on, you crazy diamond.


In loving memory of Kapil Jamkar, 06-05-1984 - 19-03-2007.


Kapil Jamkar, 06-05-1984 - 19-03-2007

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Crescent said...

I understand how difficult it is for his parents and friends to take this.I am going through the same phase here.

May his soul rest in peace.