January 21, 2007

Life just got a li'l harder

After dusting off the cobwebs off this blog, I write today. (Why do I feel like using the word: sabbatical?)

I just feel that life keeps getting harder for people as they grow older. Especially because of the learning factor.

Now, I start with my theory:

People usually learn a lot of stuff when they are young. It's like their brains are formatted and you've got all of your hard disk to use. It's like you can keep putting data in forever. The catch is, you can't archive your old data into tapes nor remove them. And you've got to put up with bad inode information as well. And plain old stupid data. :|

Example: I still remember something about Oxygen and symmetric sigma orbitals outside of pi orbitals in a valency diagram.

But as you keep stuffing things into it down the years, it eventually becomes full. So you try harder and harder to squeeze in more data, as your environment changes; People expect you to upgrade yours OS files once in a while. Or at least get the old programs to work with newly acquainted data. Unfortunately, the problem is SPACE. So, you try to relate the new data to the older ones, and basically compress the data (much like the LZW algorithm used in Zip files of today!) The major difference is you try to compress it as much as you can. You don't usually relate it to the last 3 years of information only. It could even be something you learned 10 years ago. So, you perform extremely greedy compression.

And, as more data keeps pouring in, more space is filled, more the need for compressing the data better, more the data to be searched, and eventually more effort in storing it. If it's something you have learned, it won't be stored (because it already was stored)

So, it's harder to learn new things as things keep piling up in your unerasable hard disk.

I think that this degradation in one's ability to learn at a particular rate is inverse exponential with respect to time. Here is a simple mathematical curve I plotted to show the relation:

Learning Curve

I feel that I'm on one of those years where I haven't got much space in my hard disk. I might probably find a treasure trove if i go back through time. Who knows! ;)