May 09, 2005

Controversy sells more than Fact

I am a common man. My sources of information are the daily news, the hoardings and the biz. What I get to read, feel and percieve is what they write, and needn't be what is, or what should be. Which is why I am writing this.

End of the Day

What I get to read everyday is nothing more than plain "controversy". So, there are a hell lotta' things happening in and around the world I live. However, the ones who feel the brunt of the media aren't the Joe and Jill somebodies. Only when you are popular, rich or when the media can make some money outta' using your name, do you make it into the media, the Page 3.

So, this article doesn't, in any way mean that media is all about making money. But media is about making money too. What you get is written by people and not by machines. Which is why we should treat news with caution and discretion.

Simple example: Britney Spears makes it to the headlines, and your friendly neighbourhood pickpocket doesn't. Not unless he's committed quite a few crimes and has got away with 'em. Who cares a damn what happens to any celebrity, when It is definitely more practical and meaningful to know about your own locality. I think that newspapers ought to realize this and print more "meaningful, practical and useful" material than "stuff that sells".

Comments, please?


Vetty Max said...

Basically now-a-days, newspapers(especially the one I am working in) don't care about circulation. They make all their money through advertisements. So, the news has taken a back seat, and sensationalism has taken the front seat.

One more reason is that many people prefer to read about the celebs than their neighbourhood pick-pocket. Probably has to do with man and his escapist nature.

guilt said...

Hope your ed. doesn't read this ;)

Vetty Max said...

Guilt, this is the official policy that the TOI follows da.

Vetty Max said...

Dei...write something man.

vaishnavi said...

gud post indeed.well i do agree that newspapers are to an extent biased wrt the coverage specifically regarding political parties confusing The common man sometimes..which i literally abhor.guess that's a digress from ur post and the very basic def(north east west south past and present event report :))dying down.indeed sometimes we fail to realize things happening at our end which might be the need of the hour quintesential for us but be aware of all the news & gossips abt celebrities at every nook and corner of the world thanks to the newspaper mostly dominated by these stuff rather..neways who will bell the cat???..we can only think and suffice ourselves but do nothing.